Wyatt's World Golf Outing

Wyatt's World Golf Outing - July 15th at the Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora, IL 
Funds raised via Wee One Foundation to benefit Wyatt Stahl,9-yr old son of Dan Stahl, Superintendent of Orchard Valley G.C. – Wyatt has a diagnosis of Dysgenesis of Corpus Callosum and is Autistic.  

“Golf is the closest game to the game of we call Life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots –but you have to play the ball where it lies.” – Bobby Jones

That is exactly what Dan Stahl and his wife, Janna, have been doing…playing “the ball where it lies”.  They have been working each shot that life gives them and doing their best to capitalize on good shots and breaks.   In November of 2007, Dan and Janna became parents of three boys with the addition of twin boys Lane & Wyatt to their elder son, Owen.   Life brought three healthy boys into their world. 

At 10 days old, while Dan and Wyatt were sleeping soundly on the couch, Wyatt slipped out of his dad’s arms and fell to the floor. Snapping out of their sleep-deprived state, Dan & Janna rushed Wyatt to the ER.  After a CT scan the doctor informed them that Wyatt suffered no injuries from the fall, but the scan revealed another issue.  A MRI at 3 months old confirmed that Janna and Dan beautiful baby boy was born with a portion of his brain missing – diagnosed with dysgenesis of corpus callosum.   With this early diagnosis, Wyatt was able to receive early intervention to help in his development.  Prior to his third birthday, he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.    Dan & Janna firmly believe that Wyatt’s fall from his Dad’s arm was a blessing in disguise --- really a bad shot that lead them to a good break.  

Now at 9-yrs old, Wyatt’s diagnoses impact his speech and language development, cognitive development, sensory processing, fine motor skills, eating and sleeping patterns, and safety.  Dan & Janna have embraced various approaches, processes, devices to support Wyatt and their family.   Unfortunately, in order to provide Wyatt with the recommended interventions, the Stahls have had to purchase additional private insurance coverage for Wyatt’s needs --- upwards to $8,000 year just to provide coverage for the needed therapies.   Additional expenses are incurred to help Wyatt navigate his world in a fashion that allow him experience life journey similar to his older and twin brothers.  Wyatt’s story is still unfolding; he works hard every day to make everyday moments joyful.  

This year through the Wee One Foundation, a Golf Outing will be held on July 15th at the Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora, IL to raise funds to support Wyatt and the Stahl family.   The Stahls are reaching out to you for your support in our efforts. Hopefully, you will help make this moment a great shot --- perhaps you will be able to join us at the event, help via sponsorship, and/or donations for the raffles & auctions items.

To learn more about the Golf Outing opportunity, please visit this link to register or donate to the event.
Sponsorship Opportunities available here.

For more details regarding Wyatt and his needs check out www.facebook.com/wyattsworldchronicle or call 630-373-7105.

Confirmed Registrants:

Dan Alsip
Jeff Barnes
James Boccarossa
Trent Bradford
Luke Cella
Justin Christiansen
Josh Cosner
Tiffany Cosner
Kevin DeRoo
Mike Deustch
Greg Dickson
Bob Fichter
John Gurke
Jake Gustafson
Andrea Gustafson
Nate Gustafson
Jeff Hannan
Richard Horneck
Dan Hyer
KC Hyer
Jan Jarvis
Ben Kelnhofer
Kris Kvelland
Matt McNair
James McNair
Mary Morphey
Mark O'Reilly
George Ohara
Matt Pierce
Brian Powers
Aaron Reinhart
Todd Schmitz
Matt Senatra
Amit Singla
Alli Spies
Dan Stahl
Tom Stahl
Jim Stahl
Tom Tierney
Jon VanOpDorp
Robert Vaughan (+3)
Lou Vieceli
Denny Wiley
Chris Ybarra
Paul Yerkes
Wayne Zmolek

Dinner Only:

Cara Caspersen
Brian Garbacz
Lisa Garbacz
Karol Grandgeorge
Bob Gustafson
Cindy Gustafson
Cori Mander
Nancy Miller
Melissa Rinaldi
Elijah/Louie Smith
Linda Stahl
Ben Stahl
Janel Stahl
Lori Wold
Dianne Zmolek

updated: 7/14/17


Cash Donations benefiting Wyatt Stahl can be made online at Wee One.

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Anderson Global - John & Betsy McIntyre
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