Wyatt's World Golf Outing

Fourth Wyatt's World Golf Outing - July 22, 2019 at the Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora, IL 
Funds raised via Wee One Foundation to benefit Wyatt Stahl,11-yr old son of Dan Stahl, Superintendent of Orchard Valley G.C. – Wyatt has a diagnosis of Dysgenesis of Corpus Callosum and is Autistic.  

"It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become." ---Dr. Suess

This simple phrasing from a children’s author is so very enlightening if one takes the time to let it sink in.  Yes, really ponder this one a bit --- and don’t get caught up in the “it is what it is” language.  But give yourself a moment to reflect on a situation and or circumstance…and see the potential of what could be…look for the upside and see the possibilities.  

Being Wyatt’s parents has given us this perspective to how we approach life in the moments and into how we plan for the future.  We know that Wyatt’s journey differs from his brothers and others BUT this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be imaging the opportunities.  

Wyatt was born with a birth defect – dysgenesis of the corpus callosum.  The diagnosis came from an accidental fall just at 10 days old. But thinking back on it, the accident lead us to better plan for what is to come through introduction of early intervention therapies.  Right before his third birthday, Wyatt received an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. This brought on additional challenges but then again it gave us another avenue to pursue to help Wyatt succeed. The two diagnoses impact Wyatt’s speech and language development, cognitive development, sensory processing, fine motor skills, sleeping patterns, and safety.  

In order to provide and give Wyatt access the recommended interventions, we have had to purchase additional private insurance coverage for Wyatt’s needs --- with costs just shy of $10,000 per year.  Additional expenses are incurred as Wyatt and our family navigate through this journey seeking the opportunities and chances at the little everyday moments. With this in mind, we have worked with family, friends, and professionals to build a team to support Wyatt in his development and growth.  A team with a goal of seeing Wyatt’s potential and helping him and us along this journey.  

The Wee One Foundation continues to support Wyatt as we continue our efforts of providing Wyatt chances at the big and little things.  Together we will be hosting the Fourth Wyatt’s World Golf Outing on July 22nd 2019 at Orchard Valley Golf Course.  We extend an invitation to come join us at the event, help with sponsorship, and/or donations for raffles or auction items.     

So won’t you come along and help us?  To quote Dr. Seuss one more time with Wyatt in mind
– “And will you succeed? YES! You will, indeed (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) 
Kid, you’ll move mountains”  AND yes, Wyatt will succeed especially if we are focusing on what can become along the way! 

To learn more about the Golf Outing opportunity, please check out the attachments or visit the links to register/donate to the event.

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Questions can be forwarded to Janna Stahl at jannastahl15@gmail.com or 630.373.7105

For more details regarding Wyatt and his needs check out www.facebook.com/wyattsworldchronicle.


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Cash Donations benefiting Wyatt Stahl can be made online at Wee One.

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