One Percent Endowment Campaign 


One Cause:  Help golf course management professionals and their dependents that are having trouble paying medical bills due to the lack of comprehensive insurance or adequate financial resources. 

One Goal:  Raise $10 million in 10 years to help support families in need forever. The One Percent Endowment Fund will provide a permanent source of supplemental funding for Wee One mission and new endeavors to benefit individuals and families in the golf course industry. 100% of funds generated through this campaign will be placed in a permanent endowment fund.

One Percent: Pledge one percent of your salary and donate this amount over the next ten years.
Example Contribution

My current salary is $65,000.

1% of that is $650.

I donate that amount to the Wee One over the next ten years.

$650 ÷ 10 = $65 per year.

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