MO-KAN Auction to Benefit the Wee One Foundation
Online - April 7-14, 2021

In lieu of our Annual Golf Tournament, this year the MoKan Wee One Committee is opting to conduct an online auction to benefit the Foundation. With the uncertainty of the days ahead and with the willingness to help those in need, the committee felt this was the best decision at this time.

We’re asking for a donation of products, goods, services or other items that would be valuable to auction off to our membership to generate funds for the Wee One Foundation. We’ll keep a running list of donated items for buyers to see, recognizing you as the donor. This can be a nice opportunity to gain exposure to new customers while supporting the Wee One. 

To make a donation, please fill out the online form HERE. Upon completion of the auction (planning to conduct it April 7-14th) we’ll make arrangements for delivery of donated goods. 

Ideas for donated items that have been successful in the past: 

Turf Products (fungicides, herbicide,, other plant protectants)

Contracted Services (i.e. soil testing for 9 greens or 1/2 day of tree trimming with a 4 man crew or 18 greens aerified, laser leveling work)

Golf Course Accessories (custom set of golf flags, custom signage)

Landscape and hand tools (fertilizer spreaders, line trimmers, chain saws, blowers)

Sporting goods (golf clubs, fishing poles, firearms)

Irrigation heads and controls


Seed and Sod

Rounds of Golf (many vendors will purchase these for clients and customers)

Nursery plants/flowers and ornamentals

Dues and or Subscriptions

If you’re not sure about an item, please contact us – sometimes we can bundle items with others to create something that is desirable. 

If you have any questions, please contact: Duane Sander ( or Brent Stephenson ( or Luke Cella (


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